1. Love geniuses, protect partial talents, and cherish talents.
2. Take away the chair backs of all managers.
3. Unemployed without dedication, laid off without love.
4. Unreliable and unavailable people, resolutely eliminate them.
5. Cooperate with honesty on everything and make innovations every day.
6. The ruler is shorter and the inch is longer.
7. Innovate the concept of employment and introduce a competition mechanism.
8. Boldly promote and appoint young people.
9. The reform first is to get rid of people who are not suitable for enterprise development.
10. There are talents in Ganggang, and elites in performance theory.
11. Jobs depend on competition and income depends on contribution.
12. The high-back chair is not prepared casually.
13. Hire the best people.
14. There are hundreds of rivers and rivers.
15. Money is only tempting, and career is cohesive.
16. Credible and usable-reuse.
17. Without competitiveness, how can we be competitive?
18. People with strong abilities and uneasy, increase the restraint and use it actively.
19. People with small abilities and peace of mind can do their best and take appropriate positions.
20. The one who can do it, the one who lets it down, the one who does it mediocrely.
21. Morality ranks first.
22. Let everyone shoulder the mission of the company.
23. Talent is useful but not useful, mediocre is useful and useless.
24. People make best use of their talents.
25. People do their best and do their best.
26. Everyone is equal, fair competition, caring for employees, and survival of the fittest.
27. Everyone is a talent and can match the position.
28. Anyone can't be kinship.
29. If you do not select and train talent, you will not be promoted!
30. The first is to select good talents, and the second is to use good talents.
31. The transparent and equal way of hiring people is the only way to hire people.
32. Digging the wall is the fastest and most direct way to obtain good talent.
33. In order to recruit ideal talents, a lot of work needs to be done.
34. The only way to do it is.
35. Only talent is used, only virtue is reused.
36. Learn to be a man first, and then learn to do things.
37. Create talent first, and then create famous brand.
38. The selection cannot be private, the employment must be fair.
39. Selection depends on eyesight, education depends on ability, employment depends on courage, and retention depends on charm.
40. To choose an alliance, we must choose people who can help each other.
41. Learning is the mother of employee success, and learning is the mother of enterprise development.
42. Those who want to work smart should be rewarded, and those who do busy work should not be rewarded.
43. It is necessary to recruit people by posts, not by people.
44. Pay attention to what others can do, not what they cannot do.
45. Focus on virtue and have both virtue and talent.
46. ​​People-oriented.
47. Based on loyalty, filial piety, and honesty, we should look at academic qualifications, ability, and theory.
48. Use your kind criticism to correct every employee.
49. Use talent without slaves.
50. The long of hiring and the short of tolerating.
51. The length of the employment, there are no unavailable people in the world; the shortness of the employment, there is no one in the world; the director of the employment, the tolerance of the shortcomings;
52. There are virtues and talents, and they are reused; there are virtues but talents, training and appointment; talents and virtues are restricted, and recruitment is restricted;
53. Employees must be smart, middle-level smart, executives should be smart, and bosses must be enlightened.
54. Operate an orderly employment mechanism and the principle of survival of the fittest.
55. Knowing how to make good use of people is appropriate.
56. Knowledge is gained from learning, and quality is improved from improvement.
57. Anyone who can shine should use him.
58. Loyalty, dedication, strictness and efficiency.
59. Loyalty first, ability second.
60. Think with wisdom and dictatorship.
61. Pay attention to talents, make good use of talents, cultivate talents, and retain talents.
62. Talk about how to be the protagonist of a business if you are a bad job.