The company takes the road of "internationalization" and has a long way to go. Our team and employees are firmly adhering to the corporate values, advancing the spirit of the enterprise, innovating the corporate philosophy, and moving towards the future on the road of diversification, technology and internationalization March forward. Huiyuan people will open their hearts and welcome friends from all walks of life to visit and cooperate!
In order to further expand the global market, the company specially recruits the following personnel for the society:
1. Foreign trade sales manager 5
Requirements: college degree or above; related majors in international trade, English, etc .; related workers are preferred.
2. Domestic trade sales manager 5
Requirements: college degree or above; waterproof construction, construction and other related majors; working in related workers is preferred.
3. Workshop operators 5
Requirements: under 45 years of age; high quality and good quality; working in related workers is preferred.
4. Office staff 5
Requirements: 25 years old and above
5. Finance staff 3
Requirements: college degree or above, more than three years of work experience.
6. R & D laboratory personnel 5
Requirements: Bachelor degree or above in R & D personnel; junior college degree or above in laboratory technicians; prior work in related workers is preferred.
Once the above personnel are hired, the probationary period is three months, the salary is negotiable, meals and accommodation are free, and the company has a shuttle bus to transfer employees to and from work.
Telephone: +86-536-5512988
Company address: Shandong Shouguang Taitou Industrial Park
Bus route: Shouguang