In 1983, 29-year-old Mr. Cheng Xiaoming, with the support of his family and friends, went to the field alone to explore industrial paths and set foot in the waterproof industry.
On May 1, 1984, Nanbing Linoleum Factory in Taitou Town, Shouguang County, Shandong Province was established, which was the predecessor of Huiyuan Building Materials Group.
In 1990, the trademark "Huiyuan" was registered with the registration number 54795. On March 7, the Bohai Linoleum Factory in Taitou Town was established, and the first batch of Linoleum was born in Huiyuan.
On August 28, 1994, Shouguang Bohai Linoleum Factory was formally established, and the factory director Cheng Xiaoming presided over the listing ceremony.
On August 28, 1998, Shandong Weifang Bohai New Type Waterproof Material Company was established to strategically target foreign markets, including the Middle East and Southeast Asia. Until 2002, Sri Lanka alone had 37 customers. In the same year, a trade union was established. Domestically, participated in Tianjin National Building Materials Commodities Fair on October 15, 1998.
On June 12, 1999, the company took the lead in obtaining import and export qualifications. At that time, there were only 192 of the country's first batch of import and export qualifications. On November 23, the company's Foreign Trade Department was established. On December 31, Huiyuan Building Materials first passed the ISO9002 international quality system certification in the industry (later renamed ISO9001).
On June 28, 2000, the most advanced SBS coil production line in the province introduced by Suzhou Research Institute was officially put into production. In the same year, the company changed to Shandong Huiyuan Waterproof Material Co., Ltd. In terms of export, the company's products won the "Golden Palm Award" for Malaysia's 21st century building materials. The company has participated in the Canton Fair for 14 consecutive years since 2000.
In 2001, the company name was changed to Shandong Huiyuan Waterproof Material Co., Ltd.
In 2002, the company's products won the "Golden Palm Award" in Malaysia's 21st century building materials.
In 2003, participated in the Dubai Building Materials Exhibition.
On March 20, 2004, Shandong Huiyuan Building Materials Group Co., Ltd. was officially established. Since April of the same year, they have successively participated in the Russian Building Materials Exhibition, Australia Exhibition, and South Africa Exhibition (entering the African market).
On June 26, 2006, participated in the Egyptian exhibition.
On August 30, 2008, it was purchased by the government, and the Finance Bureau and Civil Affairs Bureau were responsible for supporting the 5.12 earthquake in Beichuan, Sichuan. We provided some waterproof materials and most of the wooden doors. From December 3rd to 23rd, undertook the disaster relief task of 500 tons of waterproof materials in Liangshan Prefecture, Sichuan. General Manager Cheng Wentao led the transportation team to the disaster area overnight. On February 24, 2008, participated in the Las Vegas exhibition.
On November 20, 2009, the general manager led the team to participate in the Jordan Building Materials Exhibition.
In 2010, the product entered the Central and South American market and quickly occupied the waterproof market. In the same year, the group company was awarded the 2010 Top 10 Enterprises in Shandong Waterproof Industry.
From December 8th to 20th, 2010, the chairman of Cuba and his party, the Cuban governor personally received, since 2006 we began to do foreign aid projects of the Ministry of Commerce, completed the cooperation with the Cuban Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of Construction, Ministry of National Defense, Ministry of Education 1. The task of government procurement.
On April 8, 2010, the general manager led the team to participate in the Russian Building Materials Exhibition.
In March 2011, controlled by Huiyuan Building Materials Group, Shouguang Dongfang Nonwoven Co., Ltd. was established with a total investment of 920 million yuan and an area of ​​353.92 acres.
In the same year, on November 7, the general manager led the team to participate in the 28th Paris International Building Materials Exhibition, Huiyuan's products entered the European market.
On December 31, 2012, the Huiyuan trademark was recognized as a well-known trademark in China by the State Administration for Industry and Commerce. The company has successively won the China Construction Waterproof Industry Quality Gold Award, Shandong Famous Brand, Shandong Famous Brand and other honors. On June 25 of the same year, the Group and CNOOC "CNOOC 36-1" modified emulsified asphalt exported to Brazil project strategic cooperation agreement was successfully signed at the headquarters of Beijing CNOOC Oil and Gas Development and Utilization Company for the construction of the 2014 Brazil World Cup and 2016 Olympic venues, part Winning the bid. And on June 25, 2012, the chairman ’s charity action gathered in Qinghai to participate in the inauguration ceremony of the new school "Migaki Convergence-Universe Energy Primary School" and "Shuangquanbao Convergence-Shao Shuai Primary School" and "Okura Convergence-Lu Jiandong Kindergarten" "The groundbreaking ceremony and a series of charity activities in Qinghai. Since 1992, the group company has donated more than 6 million yuan to the society.
On May 14, 2013, the group company and CNOOC Oil and Gas Development and Utilization Company and CNOOC Asphalt Co., Ltd. reached a strategic cooperation agreement for CNOOC 36-1 modified emulsified asphalt export to Cuba project.
On February 19, 2013, Secretary Zhu Lanxi and Deputy Mayor Wang Anwen came to our group company to guide the investigation.
In 2014, Shandong Huiyuan Building Materials Group Co., Ltd. spent huge sums of money to build cabinet door projects, using international advanced equipment, employing more than 50 senior engineers, senior carpenters and technicians. Products have covered more than 20 countries and regions around the world.
On May 22, 2014, the leaders of China Building Waterproof Association came to our group for inspection.
In 2014, the group company introduced a coil production line, and the equipment has environmental protection devices such as desulfurization and dust removal, air purification, etc., which reached the national four-level standard. Certified by authoritative organizations, it can achieve odorless, pollution-free standards; the introduction of the German Siemens PLC control system to achieve automatic control, fundamentally reduce labor, reduce costs, and improve quality.
In June 2014, Huiyuan Building Materials Group established a branch in Bangkok, Thailand, Thailand Huiyuan Siam Waterproof Material Co., Ltd., which laid a solid foundation for the market to cover the Southeast Asian market more quickly.
In July 2014, the group company established Brazil Huiyuan Waterproof Material Co., Ltd. in Sao Paulo, Brazil, based on Brazil, and stabilized the Central and South American market.
2014 was the year of Dongfang Nonwovens Co., Ltd. taking off. As the largest polyester tire supplier in China, Dongfang quickly stepped into the largest domestic manufacturer of waterproof materials --- Beijing Dongfang Yuhong and several large-scale waterproof enterprises, with sales revenue breakthrough 1 billion yuan.
In 2015, Huiyuan Group established strategic cooperative relations with the central and state-owned enterprises such as China Construction Fifth Bureau and Seventh Bureau, and real estate companies such as Agile and Country Garden signed orders with the group. The development of the group company is booming.
In 2016, the chairman participated in the National People's Congress, Huiyuan Group made drastic reforms, equity incentives, operating holding company listing, Huiyuan Shangyin, Waterproof Online, China Polyester Tire Transaction Settlement Center, and the three troikas went hand in hand. Imperative, the group is striding towards the queue of international enterprise groups.
Looking into the future, we will set up branches in Mumbai, India, Cameroon, Africa, Indonesia, and Europe, and conduct field visits. We plan to complete sales revenue of more than 10 billion yuan and realize the "Huiyuan Dream" and "Chinese Dream".
In 2017, Huiyuan Group spent a huge sum of 100 million yuan to acquire the original state-owned asset Dragon Yellow River Plate. The acquisition of Huiyuan Group played a major role in the integration of the wood products industry and became the new owner of the original net assets. With an area of ​​180,000 square meters, the company has introduced a full set of German production processes and equipment.
In 2018, Huiyuan Group reached a strategic gathering with well-known domestic real estate companies such as Ronghe Group and China Communications Real Estate. Huiyuan Waterproof was awarded the 2017 China Top 10 Real Estate Waterproof Materials Competitiveness. Dongfang Company won the first batch of "Invisible Champions" in the industry in the province; Huiyuan Group published and published the national Atlas of Building Waterproof System Construction.
In 50 years, we only do one thing: Huiyuan Waterproof!
Shandong Huiyuan Building Material Group Co., Ltd.
August 27, 2018