Sincerely love Huiyuan

She was not tall, ruddy, and her strong body seemed to have endless strength, her clothes were neat and simple, and she was full of lean. In the year of no doubt, she walked and kicked and kicked, as soon as she entered the workshop and heard her strong and powerful steps, everyone knew that she was here. She is Miao Yongju, an employee of the polymer workshop of Huiyuan Waterproof Company.
Miao Yongju said that she came to work in Huiyuan when she graduated. She has n’t left Huiyuan until now, and she only knows that she has worked in Huiyuan for more than 30 years. After taking part in the work, she was full of enthusiasm for work and tried to learn various operation techniques with her teacher. She said that every time she received a new order, she was very excited. She had a tenacious tenacity, the work done by the male staff, and she was also doing the heat, a full female man.
Once the chairman came to the workshop to check on work and happened to meet busy Miao Yongju. The chairman joked to her: "Time is passing quickly. In an instant, Xiao Miao has become an old Miao. You have worked hard these years." She said happily: "Working with the chairman is not hard."
Workshop production lines are all assembly line operations, and the company requires high product quality, so it can't come a little sloppy, and must always raise the spirit and do all the auxiliary work in time. She talked about something that is still fresh in her memory: once a customer is in a hurry to ask for a product, and a machine cannot make a product within the stipulated time, Miao Yongju and her partners gritted their teeth and opened another production line at the same time. Knowing how great the labor intensity is, in order not to delay the customer ’s use of the product, and to Huiyuan ’s reputation, these female men just made the product in vain. When the high-quality products were displayed in front of the customer, the customer was surprised and erected them. Thumbs up praised: "Huiyuan Iron Lady, it's amazing, with such employees, Huiyuan's products are absolutely trustworthy." But who knows, she went home at night and had no strength at all, because of long hours of work, take The hands of the chopsticks were a little trembling, the dishes could not be caught, and the strength of the bowl was gone.
There was a "May 1st" labor competition for one year, and the young men in the workshop competed for wrench wrists. Miao Yongju joked: "Don't see that you are all big and small guys, maybe you can't beat me!" The boys didn't accept it at all. , You have to try it out. As a result, several big and small guys were not her opponents. The guys really admired the big sister from the heart. They heartily raised her thumbs to her.
As an old employee, he shoulders the responsibility of bringing up young people. Young people lack practical experience. For this reason, Miao Yongju took the initiative to carry the burden of passing, helping and bringing. Her apprentice said: "My Master is really a very dedicated person. She is serious and meticulous. She has a very high demand for her work. She has taught me to be very patient and rigorous. It can be as small as an operation detail and as a person. For decades. She has always been so persistent and loving, and it is worth learning! "She set an example and influenced colleagues around her with her actual words and deeds. She also often imparts unreserved experience and experience in her work to young comrades to help them improve their operations.
Miao Yongju is just an ordinary employee who is doing an ordinary job. It is not only her seriousness and love for the work that makes the employee touched, but also a sense of responsibility for the work. In daily life, Miao Yongju uses her free time to communicate with young people, understand their true ideas, solve ideological problems and confusions, help them establish correct values, world outlook, and outlook on life, and strengthen their courage and strength to overcome difficulties. Everyone said: "Sister Miao is an example of our work and study." She has won praises from leaders and employees many times, and has been praised by young people as "respectable elder sister", and she has become a mentor and friend of young people.
This is the most ordinary "Sister Miao" in everyone's eyes. There is no bold words, and some are just "This is my job." Her dedication of hard work and selfless work inspired us to move forward and develop for Huiyuan. Dedicate your meager strength.
When asked about her future plans: "She very seriously said that she would work with Huiyuan and the chairman until she could not move."